It's October - Join the Haunt!

The Dreaded Drive In is America’s FIRST & Newest Nationwide Halloween Haunted Drive-In Movie Experience. Come see Bone Chilling Ferociously Original Drive In Movie Entertainment.

WATCH THE Original MOVIE trailer
7:00 PM - Horror Show

Horror Show Starts at 7:00PM.
Pack the car and come to America’s coolest Halloween Drive In.
Witness the all "Original Dreaded Drive In Horror Show".
Experience a haunting plethora of America's award winning horror short films. There's something (mostly horror) for everyone. Expect to be scared! Good Clean Bloody Fun for Halloween Horror Fans. Most shows start 7:00pm

WATCH The Dreaded Drive-In Horror Show “The Show” MOVIE trailer

Mom says you can’t come, but we think you can, just don’t come alone because we know how to scare you! This is the Official Dreaded Drive-In Horror Show. Lots of screams & jump scares while intended for the young at heart.

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This is NOT a Child Show!

Although the films are not rated, we suggest nobody under the age of 12.  

Hosted by “Cryptina” Shows are suggested for ages 18+ and typically start at 9:00pm

We do have a special Child Show Programming. Please contact us for details.  

The child show has been curated by a master puppet performer who owns a childs puppet theater in NY. He has entertained children for years – and he is still in business.

Your kids are sure to be entertained, but we don’t know what frightens them. If your kiddos can handle Sesame Streets “Count Dracula”, we think your kids will survive.

However, you might not after sitting in the car with them for 1.5 hours!

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“The Horror Show” is the original Dreaded Drive In Horror Show and extremely entertaining for horror fans.

You won’t hear F-bombs or experience sexual inuendos and is a SCREAM of surround sound terror.

Each week “The Horror Show” is daringly different – it’s worth seeing BOTH.

Come for the Double Feature for a night of original cinematic entertainment.

Come for “The Horror Show” and stay for the Deadly Double.


Different Episodes will be shared each week through October.

If you live to return, you’ll experience a slew of different horror.

With 4+ Dreaded Drive-In Episodes, come experience fresh blood curdling screams each week. 

A different “Horror Show”  will be presented each week – so if you live to talk about the first, come back if you dare!