Haunted Drive In Movie Events - Nationwide 2022

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Haunted Drive In Locations:

Horror Show Double Feature: October 2022
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7:00 PM Movie; 75-minutes; Horror/Comedy; Ages 13+ 

Don’t come alone!  Pack the car with your friends & come see an all Original Halloween Horror Film Anthology designed to deliver nightmares!  It’s a night filled with haunted award winning horror short films that will grossly entertain.

8:45 PM Movie; 90-minutes; Horror/Comedy; Ages 18+ 

Come for the 7:00 show, but be sure to stay for the double feature!  It’s only $10 more for the carload.  This film anthology will fill your mind and creep your soul with witty and seductive horror entertainment.  Age suggestion due to the blood, gore & violent language.


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Deadly Double Features

Come for the Original "Dreaded Drive In Horror Show", be sure to stay for the Deadly Double.


Pricing and info

7:00 PM The “Original Dreaded Drive-in Horror Show” 

Price $39 per carload (5 max – victims per car)


8:45 PM Come for the HORROR Show, Stay for the “Deadly Double”.

Book the Double Feature!  Experience both shows in one horror fun-filled evening.

Price $49 per carload (5 max – victims per car)


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We don’t know! The child show has been curated by a master puppet performer who owns a childs puppet theater in NY. He has entertained children for years – and he is still in business. Your kids are sure to be entertained, but we don’t know what frightens them. If your kiddos can handle Sesame Streets “Count Dracula”, we think you will be fine.

NO, phisical touching of you or your automobile will occur at any of the Dreaded Drive In events. HOWEVER, your mind and soul may be altered – which is probably worse. Disclaimer: We are not responsible for phsycology treatments.

Not sure what to expect? Neither are we – but be expected to leave a puddle on the front seat from laughter or horror. Your choice.

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YES. However, I lived to talk about it. Multiple Shows have been crafted for each week in October – all are ferociiously filled with Blood Curdling Screams, Dead things and Jump Scares. We suggest you don’t come alone. The Adult Film is NOT a sex show! However, our adult show HOST is extremely sexy, in a morbid sense. Come see her – you’ll be back for more!

The horror show is extreme cinematic entertaiment. You won’t hear F-bombs or experience sexual inuendos. It is a SCREAM of Horror intended to be teen oriented. Every week the show is different, and it’s worth seeing BOTH the Horror Show and the Adult Show in one night as a Double Feature! If you think you can handle it. Come for the Horror, stay for Cryptina!

The Dreaded Drive-In is a brand new 2020 attraction crossing the Nation. PLEASE – if you don’t see a location near you, visit: Add my location. Provide your State & zip code, we’ll be sure to create a Drive In Near You.