WANTED: Your Drive-In Theaters

OWN a Drive In Movie Theater ?

Provide NEW Horror Films for your Patrons!

Join the Nationwide "Dreaded Drive-In" Horror Films Release! Provide your audience with NEW 2021 Horror Films for your Drive-In Cinema.

Perfect Entertainment

for: Drive In Movie Theaters anywhere in the Nation.

Watch the dreaded trailers:

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the Haunted Drive-In Movie Night

We could use your Drive In Theater to help launch our films!

We can activate or events calendar with your Drive-In within 2-days!!  No long contracts, play our films as you need them.

We provide almost EVERYTHING to help you promote our films, too.  Including: Local Marketing Materials, Posters, Flyers, Local Marketing, Social Media, Pin-point on our Drive-in Location Map where we are promoting the Dreaded Drive In Movie Series across the Nation.  You’ll get a full night of Solid Screaming Entertainment for 1 unbeatable price of OR – we can do a revenue share of your ticket sales at an unbeatable rate compared to the major studios.

Drive In Movie Horror Film Options

01 - You Do it ALL

Using Your Drive In Theater:
  • Market & promote the film(s)
  • Sell tickets to the community
  • Provide theater & equipment
  • Show our original horror film(s)
    We will add you to the Dreaded Drive In Location Map - that is promoted nationwide to help bring patrons to your cinema.
  • Great for established Drive In Movie Theaters looking for new films at an affordable rate. 

    02 - Revenue Share

    Using Your Drive In Theater, We Both:
  • Market & promote your event
  • Sell tickets to the community
  • We can Split Ticket Sales - and share revenue to help you minimize risk.*
  • DDI - Provides original horror film
    You gain exposure & patrons to your location.
    We both share in the fun by attracting movie-goers to our/your event(s).
  • * DDI receives the first $575 of ticket sales to cover expenses & filmmaker fees.   You earn a revenue % there-after of ticket sales. 

    With our Social Media Marketing, we will ensure the community finds your Drive In to watch our films!

    03 - Tell Others!

    Share our films with your other Drive In Movie Locations - we can provide commissions!
    Our goal is to show our 8-episodes to audiences across America.

    Can you help us spread the word?

    The fine print

    Well make it large, so you understand.
    We work together to market and promote YOUR Drive-In movie night at your Drive In Theater We will advertise your movie nights in the local community to build a crowd.

    Your Responsibility


    Provide the Drive In Theater for 30+ cars


    Provide your typical staff. Your employees will LOVE our unique new content!


    Provide your typical ticketing system to your typical patrons.


    Provide access to bathrooms for your patrons


    Provide food, drinks & dinner reservations or - other entertainment - or nothing at all. Your choice.


    Print & hang PRE-DESIGNED posters in your establishment advertising your local Dreaded Drive-In. (we provide poster designs)


    Advertise the event via Facebook & Instagram in your local zip code using our pre-designed advertisements. These will draw in the crowd to your Drive In.


    Host a minimum of 2+ Drive-in movie events at your location during the month of October. You could host double features, too!


    The flat rate film fee is for a minimum of 20+ cars participating. You can get 20 cars to your theater, nightly - right?!

    our Responsibility


    We provide all marketing materials promoting the "Dreaded Drive-In" Horror Show. Email, Facebook & Instagram Ads are customized to promote your local Drive-In & location.


    We provide movie licensing for the Dreaded Drive In Horror Show(s). There are multiple episodes age group appropriate: Child / Youth / Adult


    We provide Nationwide Press Releases promoting the Dreaded Drive In Movie Event that you are participating in.


    We provide a fun-filled night of Halloween themed horror at America’s first Haunted Drive-In Movie at your Drive In Theater.

    Wondering how we do it?

    We have created unique horror movie content and secured copyrights directly from the independent filmmakers. The filmmakers have the opportunity to expose their creations NATIONWIDE while making monies from their hard earned work.

    We will help promote and sell tickets to the general public to attend your drive-in movie night. Our expenses are covered through movie ticket sales if we are doing a revenue share, or from the copyright license fee we charge.

    Your patrons will love the festive Halloween & Horror entertainment, and you will attract new customers. You might scare a few away, too. All-in-All, it will be a horrifically fun evening!

    Sign Up Today!

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    Keep in mind this event is designed to get patrons & the community to your drive in theater. It may be considered a new way to distribute films - since you will have access to movies direct from the filmmakers!

    Double Features are about 2.5 hours in length. Single shows range from 1-1.5 hours.

    - Tickets -

    Want to buy tickets for the Dreaded Drive-In?

    Visit: www.dreadeddrivein.com/tickets or click on the button below.

    Drive in movie rentals for outdoor movies in a parking lot

    - Drive Ins -

    Ready to Rent our FILms?

    Rent our Dreaded Drive In Film(s) and host your own Haunted Drive-In Movie Night!


    Accordion Content

    DDI & Moviematix have contracted directly with the filmmakers and negotiated Nationwide pricing for the use of their films at each venue.  Filmmakers are seeking recognition and together, we can help.  Admission is charged for all patrons or by the carload, so no worries, we make our share if we REV SHARE.  If we are not revenue sharing,  we profit in distribution after the filmmakers get their cut.

    We don’t know! The child show has been curated by a master puppet performer who owns a childs puppet theater in NY. He has entertained children for years – and he is still in business. Your kids are sure to be entertained, but we don’t know what frightens them. If your kiddos can handle Sesame Streets “Count Dracula”, we think your kids will survive – However, you might not after sitting in the car with them for 1.5 hours!  ALSO – The child show is still in production & not completed.

    YES! We have created wonderful horror entertainment for your patrons pleasure. However, if you choose to watch standard classic films or anything else before or after our films – its up to you.  We don’t have strict rules compared to the studios strict rules and regulations. Our curated content is easy!

    We provide everything including the marketing materials and film(s).  You market and promote like you would any other movies.  We prefer that you also send pre-designed promotion emails to your client list, post flyers at your location. If you desire, decorate and theme your drive in theater!

    Accordion Content

    Hi! Great to meet you! Simply fill out the Vendor Location Request, and we will reply to with availability and get you on the MAP! You could host our Dreaded Drive In Horror Show as early as next week!

    The short answer is YES. 

    Most drive-in theaters can secure a 3+ night movie series for their customers. You could make this a weekly or monthly event throughout the Spring, Summer or Fall. The Dreaded Drive-In is mainly available for October events – so don’t delay, reserve dates today!

    First come first served!

    So call us before your competition does!! Our films are available to every Drive In Theater across the Nation.

    However, we prefer to limit distribution to a 15-mile radius to avoid un-booked events.

    We want your Drive In to generate traffic flow and profits from these events.

    We do offer an exclusive in you area with an additional license fee.

    So please realize, if an event is already confirmed as exclusive within a 15-mile radius of your location, we reserve the right to deny your request to license our film(s).